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I have been given the task of setting up a database for my IT club, and if my proposal gets accepted, I will get a blank server to do what ever I like on... well not what ever I like, but you get the point, so the question is.. what OS, and what DBMS?

I want to avoid Windows all togehter if I can, for securtiy reasons, and it will make the network admin happy.. which is always a bonus.

It has been suggested that for the OS I run Debian and for the DBMS, Post Gress. I have never run either of the two, nor had I even heard about Post Gress until today, and I hear that Debian needs local imput to get it set up - the sever will be run in a virtual machine and I have no idea if I could get access to the main server, being a server that runs most of the University's services.

I THINK that the main server is running VMWare, so I may be able to get it set up on my pc to a stage where I can then remote in once the image is on the main server...

Any thoughts and ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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