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I am planning to purchase some games for my cousin. I surf some forum and found the below game the most favorite among gamers.

1.Call of duty 4

2.Left 4 dead

3.Prince of Persia (warrior within)

4.Half life 2

5.Delta force

6.Race Driver: GRID


8.Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

9.Half Life 2

10.Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

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ha love the way half life 2 is in there twice.

My opinion is to buy the orange box, half life 2 with the other 2 episodes, Portal and Team Fortress 2 all for the price as a new game. Might be some some deal where you could get left 4 dead included aswell I'm unsure though.

Good list but if your cousin likes a certain type of game that could change the list.

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How about Command & Conquer is not a bad game after all.

Call of Duty 4 and Half Life 2 are really good games, i recommend them.

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TF2 (PC)



Mashed fully loaded (PC & ps2)

Bad company (360)

Grid (360)

Gran tourismo

Cannon fodder 1 & 2 (amiga)

Kid chameleon (smd2/sega genesis)

Toe jam n earl

Tekken & street fighter


final fantasy

track mania


Doom 1,2,3 and the many many mods

Rise of the triad

Rail road tycoon

F29 retaliator


Spore (just for the concept)

LBP (love it or hate it ... its still pretty cool)



Sonic (esp the dreamcast version)

Pong (have made my own version in vb to work with my wii mote)


Space invaders (space invaders 3d is awesome (and open source))

nibbles.bas (i made my own version a while ago in vb)

any many more ive probably missed

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