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Where to buy Bluetooth modules


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I've been looking all over the place for a 2.1 Bluetooth module made by Azurewave, the BT-253. I've found similar ones on ebay and a couple other places, but not the exact one that I need. I did find the exact one that I need, but it's from the European Asus store website, and I'm not going to pay shipping to me all the way from where ever the warehouse is in Europe, for a 20 dollar part. If anyone knows where this can be found inside the United States or even Canada or Mexico, that would be great if you could share. I would gladly take a used one out of a cannibalized laptop. They come installed in some Asus machines, just in case anyone has a dead Asus laptop. I also need the 8 pin cable that goes with it.

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Would it not be cheaper and easier to pick up a $5 USB bluetooth dongle from one of the several Chinese wholesalers dotted around the net?

It would be cheaper and easier, but I don't want to use a dongle. No matter how small they are, they still use up a USB, and there's always the chance that i;; forget to unplug it and break it off or break the usb port loose from the MB. The machine I want to install it in had the option for it from the factory, but mine doesnt have the option. Internal is just so much cooler.

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Does anyone have any ideas of where to look for this card? I am still searching all the time, but I am still no closer to finding a BT253. Anyone? Even the long shots are better than anything. Please keep in mind though, that I have exhausted all of the usual suspects (google, local stores, online electronics retailers, etc.)

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