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Would an Alfa Networks "AWUS036NH" work with BT4?


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Really stupid question I suppose, but since I saw Darren mention the b/g adapter for aircracking using Backtrack.

I wonder if this one would work with it, since it's a different chipset: RT3070 vs Realtek 8187L.

I might just order the AWUS036H for good measure. (since that's on the HCL for BT4).

Thoughts or suggestions?

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No, you can use an alfa with BT4, I am pretty sure ive done it before allready.

did you use "sudo" before the "ifconfig wlan0 up" command?

it may also be "ifconfig wlan1 up" or something like that... make sure you are using the correct command to initialize the alfa ap, remember with ubuntu you have to always put "sudo" before the command to do it as a super user

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Don't have to use sudo, since you are already running as root.

It's a different chipset then the Alfa 36H, so I don't think it has the drivers as all. I'll give it a shot again.

EDIT: Looks like BT4 sees it as a RT2870.

Looks like iwconfig shows ra0 as my wireless card.

Thank you! Looks like it's working now.

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Unfortunately it looks like the card doesn't like to play well with airmon-ng (detects it as a different chipset) or kismet (needs some fiddling in the config, but it does work, albiet very slowly)

I hooked up one of my old routers (linksys Wireless b with no security) to see if kismet would find it, it did, but it was very very slow.

I think I'm just going to wait for the other card to show up to audit my AP.

At least I learned something!

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