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Need Beginning Website Help


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Im not entirely sure if y'all deal with web page creation here. I have an idea for a website though, it needs to be able to communicate with a (rather vast) database and find compatability between objects, along with displaying specs and such. I am looking for recommendations on languages, and links for those recommendations. I was thinking of using MySQL for the database, but I am not sure about the interface. Any help what-so-ever will be greatly appreciated. If I ever actually am able to create the website I am sure it will be useful to this community and I will post the URL here.

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PHP is pretty good. I created a web site for a local community band in PHP using MySQL on the back end. It's a powerful enough language, and best of all, it's free. MySql is definitely an excellent choice for your backend database. It too is free. It's super fast, secure, and multi-user.

PHP and MySql can be hosted on Windows and Linux web servers, and Linux web hosting is pretty cheap.

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If you're a n00b at web design like I am, try out wordpress, joomla, or drupal CMS (or maybe head over to squarespace.com/hak5). No sense in trying to reinvent the wheel. All the websites I create use one of these. It makes it simple for the client (or yourself) to keep content current. It's also highly customizable.

All the CMS apps I listed run on PHP and mySQL and have plugins for just about anything you'd want. I made a website for my employer to sell vehicles. There's a plugin for that!

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