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USB Video Toaster


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Hi there,

Was wondering if anyone knew of a product that I'll refer to as a "video toaster". Here are the minimum requirements:

* Connect two video data sources (web cams or analog cameras)

* Connect a single audio source

* Save the audio stream along with at least one of the videos

* Save the video to a storage device (such as a removable flash or to a computer with storage via usb or other bus)

* Be portable (less than netbook size)

Nice to haves:

* Standalone with its own power source and local storage

* Integrated GPS or capability of saving GPS data from an external GPS device

* Wireless cameras

* Combine both videos and single audio channel together and save as a single file (video side by side)

* Customizable firmware

Anyone know of a device like this one?

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Moonlit has the most viable option right there for quick and easy startup. If your looking for something stand alone, the closest you will get to your requirements would be an arduino with custom made shields/camera inputs/gps module/gps breakout card/audio inputs/sdcard/battery pack/and A LOT OF TIME (for custom coding the firmware).

This would also be a lot of money for the option I am throwing out there. I would not personally recommend it but if you wanna peek at what you would be looking for you can find it all at sparkfun.com

*actually one arduino would not cut it unless you wanted to use like 13 -3 to 8 line decoders since the arduino only has 13 outputs (well really less than that)

To make this you would need.. the beast!!! lol The PICAXE 40 Pin x2 Microcontroller. And then you would probably still need a few 3 to 8 line decoders.. And to top it off to make the whole thing it your probably looking at a cool $250+ (gps add in modules are expensive!) :X

Come to find out everything can be bought w/ serial i/o so I calculate you would only need about 22 i/o, but either way the picaxe would be cheaper.

Here's what you would be looking at (not including whatever else you might need to get it up and going) And I forgot until now you wanted wireless cameras... oh well.


FYI** it would be a lot cheaper to just go buy 2 cheap wifi cameras and an ap programmed to send your streams to a server.

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You could hack up a solution with a laptop, the device I posted earlier, a cheap GPS dongle, some camcorders/wireless "security" cameras and a little time and effort fairly easily. Plenty of space to record video, any codec you like, plenty of options for adding in extra functionality like GPS/time/date/status/source info/other video overlays and room for expansion if it's ever required (more inputs or whatever).

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