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bt4 and engenius antenna


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Good evening , I would really appreciate an answer to this question which seems to be a mystery since I haven't been able to find an answer as of yet. The question is , when using bt4 and vmware is it possible to have bt4 configured to use my engenius eoc 2610. The antenna is connected to my laptop thru the ethernet port since it needs power and from what I have seen bt4 only uses internal wifi and usb wifi cards. I was under the impression that vmware would be able to be configured to use the eoc 2610 and then bt4 would accept it as a wifi card. Again if there is an answer for this I would greatly appreciate it as the eoc 2610 is a great antenna and I find it's signal strength to be far stronger then any usb antenna I have seen. I want to take the time to thankyou for reading this and look forward to any replys.

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OMG. I just typed out a huge reply and suddenly the "fast reply" window just... vanished.

WTF... Aight. You get the short answer this time, at no fault of your own.

YES if you are using it to surf the internet and watch the BME Pain Olympics.

-This will work because VMWare and the virtualized OS (backtrack 4 in your case) don't even know it's on a wireless network.

NO if you expect to use BT4 applications such as Kismet.

- Because you are using this device as a 'client bridge'

- Because your computer doesn't have direct access to send wifi packets

Even if you replaced this device with a BT4 compatible wifi card it would still be .... NO.

- Because you are using VMWare which won't allow the guest os (BT4 in your case) direct access to the hardware.

Good luck, have fun.

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