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Python Begginer Tutorial Suggestions ????


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A really good book I just got is called "Hello world! computer programming for kids and other beginners" it teaches python for the absolute noob at python and programming all together. There are fun activitys and such in the book too like building games in python.

the link is www.helloworldbook.com

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i learn best when i have an objective in mind. perhaps a good script to try and write would be one that generates an html page listing all the films in your movie folder, each one linking to its imdb.com page (using google's 'im feeling lucky' string')

you'll be using python if else statements (if the file ends in .srt, ignore etc), os.walk, string manipulation (you dont want to search for 'avatar.dvdrip.avi', you want to search for 'avatar'), and writing the output to a file. once its done its actually useful: you can email the html to your mother and offer to burn her any film she likes the look of.

there are loads of really simple scripts that you can do in python or any other language that'll be useful to you and if you're like me its much more satisfying than doing other people's examples, and stays in your head longer.

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I found the easiest way to learn python was to have a project to develop with it (in my case I have to create a public key cryptography library). The web is good for info, but I alos use Dive Into Python as a refrence manual.

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