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For starters this is my first post on hak5. just found you guys and have to say all the work being done here is awesome.

My issue is this. Im a wow geek. been playing since beta. my network administrator has decided that i dont need access to the ports that wow uses to communicate. The solution that i found was freecap and a proxy service. it works ok, but not the greatest. the issue comes with the cost of using the proxy service. i was wondering if there was a way to set up a local proxy on the same network, or same computer even that would allow access through the restrictions by way of port forward or something. i do not have access to any setup on the network other than what i can access through my own pc.

If this is not possible, and the only other solution is to break the security on the router itself and reopen the port, how would i go about that?

I have some basic knowledge but nowhere near the level shown on these forums. any help would be appreciated!

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AIght, so before you could say you were working like this:

[WOWPC] ----> [Firewall] ---> [PubInternet] ---> [blizzard]

Then the admin went and blocked your WoW specific ports and you got a proxy to run all your traffic through (on a different port), like this:

[WOWPC] ----> [Firewall] ---> [PubInternet] ---> [ProxyService] ---> [PublicInternet] ---> [blizzard]

You don't like having to pay to much for the proxy not to mention it's adding latency to your game. Now the only reason I have explained all this is because you brought up two options. 1. Setup a proxy on the same network, or 2. Be uber leet and break into the firewall, setup your own rules and play WoW until someone has to change your bed pan.

Your Option 1:

[WOWPC] ----> [YourProxy] ---> [Firewall] ---> [PubInternet] ---> [blizzard]

This won't work because your proxy will still be on your side of the firewall. Option 1 is a no go.

Your Option 2:

ehhhhh.. Prolly not going to happen. Not that I have some moral dilemma stopping me from imparting knowledge it's just that you're behind the power curve. Take no offence to this, you could do some reading, take a course or two and be up to it in no time but that isn't a real solution to THIS problem is it? Unless your network admin is your mom and she's running a linksys with the default password let us think of a couple more options.

VaKos Option:

Get a 3G dongle from someone like AT&T or some other sole less corporate entity. Yup, if it's cheaper than your proxy this sounds like a sweet option. The only draw back I can foresee is that the latency (while most likely better than your proxy service) is still going to be a little worse than your original unblocked network connection. You may get good bandwidth from 3G but there will always be a little more latency associated with it.

Another Option, Setup your own proxy:

Just like the proxy diagram from before only instead of paying for the service you create one from home. If you have a good network connection at home that is great, if not... ehhh... not so much. To much latency, poor bandwidth, blah blah. BUT, if you get in a pinch, just can't afford your proxy service and find yourself jones'n for WoW it's always an option.

[WOWPC] ----> [Firewall] ---> [PubInternet] ---> [HomeProxy] ---> [PublicInternet] ---> [blizzard]

Some Questions to you:

-How much is your proxy service?

-Where is it located in the world?

-What is your bandwidth limit?

-What kind of latency are you getting from it?

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