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ok i got a small crappy tv but still its always btr to have you movies and iptv on your realy tv as we all know.

so for all you folks from the uk that either only have rf or scart on there tv, here how i did it

ok all i had for A/V in on my tv was an RF in hmm.. not good you say but still i play xbox on said tv.

here how i use a vcr ( 10 years old but still) it has scart in sweet we think becouse we run the xbox in to this scart with the provided RCA to scart convertor.

I took this convertor, ok i didnt know that you had to have the audio pluged in to ground it or what ever spend about 3 hour trying to tune the tv till i pluged in the audio leads to the pcs audio outs.

excuse the rant.. ok the convertor you get for the xbox has scart on one end and the 3 plugs for the rca a/v cable, so grabed the svid cable banged that to the convertor and the audio cable i had lying about.

so yeh hope that helps some folks prob wont, its a load of jiberish i wrote it in a hurry.

any moral of the story if you have rf in on your tv you can have a pc connected to it :)

ps my xbox is not moded so cant use that :P

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