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Graphical Corruption.


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Lately I have been occasionally getting Graphical corruption on my screen that leads to the screens turning off and coming back on or the computer crashing and restarting.

I think this may be my video card biting the bullet now that my warranty has run out, I uninstalled the drivers and the like and it doesnt happen quite as often.

The reason I am posting this is I would like a second opinion, what do you guys think.

Edit: the Video Card is Radeon 3870

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try using new drivers or older drivers. As you suggested this sometimes happens with graphics cards when they are biting the bullet but can also happen when there is a bug in the driver. You didnt mention what OS you were using so its hard to diagnose the problem fully (it would really take a physical diagnsis) but I have noticed that windows causes alot of issues like this when a graphics driver is buggy or does not install correctly. With linux I have found that this driver issue does not happen as regularly and is more likely to be a hardware issue. I would still suggest trying other drivers first before you rule the card as dying :).

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check the power settings(in control panel). windows 7(and vista) likes to turn off certain hardware when not in use. as for restarting, could be any number of things.

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Who is the manufacturer of your card? I'd visit their website and download any "monitoring" software they have.

I had similar issues with my ASUS 9800GX2, I installed ASUS Smart Doctor. I removed the side of my case and also put the fan speeds upto 100%, during gaming it was hitting 122 Degrees Celsius, black screening and then crashing (I have dual monitors so I was able to see what the monitoring software was reporting on the other screen). I ended up removing the very pretty black plastic casing from around the card and the temperature has dropped to 70 degrees while under stress. Everything is working fine.

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