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Puppy and gOS?


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I have managed to get a few other versions of linux running using the video and some other forums, but I cant work out how to get puppy to boot, and have no idea about gOS because it has so many folders in the iso. Can someone enlighten me please?


EDIT: ok, i got puppy running, but as for gOS? I have no idea

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Alright, first make a folder at the root of your drive entitled "puppy". Then, download puppy linux 4.3.1, and extract the .iso to desktop (or somewhere). then copy/cut the pup-431.sfs, vmlinuz, and initrd.gz into the puppy folder on the root of your multipass. Then add this code to your menu.lst

title Puppy 4.3.1

find --set-root /puppy/pup-431.sfs

kernel /puppy/vmlinuz

initrd /puppy/initrd.gz

Have fun!

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