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Cable internet legality


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I moved into my dorm room which has free wifi. In order to use cox cable internet your supposed to have to call for them to turn it on and pay a monthly fee. However i plugged a cable modem in and internet worked fine. I called and they said i already had internet and i would have to go there to disconnect it. I can't drive to the cox building and was wondering if it would be illegal to just use the line that the previous owners turned on.

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It's illegal in the same way that using gas with out paying is illegal, eventually you will get cut off and the bailiffs will knock on your door after a few letters are sent to you.

If you where prepared to pay for it any way, just use it until you get a demand for payment then pay it.

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I worked for a cable company so I'll chime in. It's a dorm so most likely what happened is this: the disconnect job went out to a contractor and he either couldn't find the dorm room, couldn't find someone with access to the utility room, or was just lazy and didn't do it. So he closed out the job as completed without actually doing the work. it's the cable company's responsibility to ensure the services are going to the correct people. Everytime I ran into someone getting free cable/internet/whatever and weren't paying for it, I let them keep it since I don't get paid any more or any less for turning it off. I wouldn't worry about it one bit until it stops working. Then worry about getting it turned on legitimately.

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