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A few problems with my fon2100

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I'm having some trouble with my for2100 UK (got it off ebay).

The first problem, I cant fully connect to the serial port, I get +PHY ID is 0022:5521 in Putty and it seems every thing stops, I've left it like that for a good 20 minutes and nothing has changed.

The other problem is that the Ethernet keeps cutting out, it comes online for 20 sec then does off again so the flashing process fails.

Any ideas on whats going on?

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Edit: Scrap that, messed around with it today and thought I plug my multimeter in and low and behold 4.2V just enough to power the LED's etc but not the Ethernet and serial, got it flashed and working after changing the battery's, I feel like a fool now :P

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