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Hiding programs from audit software


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Just been doing some tests with audit software. One being Spiceworks, the other being Novell Zen. I'm curious to know if there is a way and how you'd go about hiding a bit of software from both audit tools. Doing tests making the folders hidden doesn't work, removing them from the registry doesn't work (it seems the audit tools just scan the whole HDD to find software).

I was wondering about encryption. If the folder the software was installed too was encrypted. But then I assume the audit would pick them up from the installed entry in the registry.

Any one got any ideas?

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When I had to have the software on my computer 'audited', don't remember what software they used, but it was completely broken by having Dreamweaver installed and removed (it used javascript, and assumed that .js is associated with a javascript engine, dreamweaver saw that it wasn't, even after removing it).

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