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Well, if you want to learn it is a lengthy process. You dont learn to hack over night. I would suggest watching the Hak5 videos on here, as well as magazines such as Hakin9, Linux Pro, and 2600. Try out a bunch of Live linux CDs, get a copy of BT4, learn a couple programming languages, get a good grasp of electronics and math, the list goes on.. its a infinity learning process

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QUOTE (Zimmer @ Sun, 17 Jan 2010 07:01:20 +0000) *

That explains it. As to what "that" is I will leave you to figure out.

I don't get this either, captialism has been the most successful method of social advancement and wealth creation the human race has invented to date. Look at computers, the desire to out do each other in terms of performance and cost has lead to the creation of high power computers everyone can afford.

It was meant as a joke. I thought it was obvious what the joke was at.

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