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Why does everyone seem to post questions wrong?


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Maybe its bad grammar... maybe its that English isn't their first or even second language... Maybe its just laziness..

Damn it, all I am asking is for some grammar checks before posting. When I see "How to hack yahoo", I expect to see someone showing me how to actually do it.

If I were to see "How do I hack into yahoo?" I would know the OP is asking for help.

I mean, seriously folks, is it really that hard to ask a question properly?

That is all. ... Yes, rip my grammatical errors to shreds too, PLEASE!


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Wholly's right, "How to" has become pretty much its own word. A demand for a series of step by step instructions to a related topic. Its funny how the internet society conditions us to do things that would make an English teacher cry.

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"What did we ever do before the internet?"

'Have conversations.'

I think it has to do with the fact that for a lot of kids, the internet is the only place they have ever had to communicate in written language extensively. And there are no english teachers here. We're fighting a loosing battle here, I can't even write properly with a pen anymore.

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