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I am considering getting a usb powered portable hard drive and using it for a multipass... need the space to load up a ton of ISO's... just not sure what drive will do this without issues. Pretty much all the ones I look up that I can find information on say they have crappy software and special drivers etc.

Anyone have any suggestions? I was looking at this one here but I cant find much info on it.


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I don't know what drives this applies to within Western Digital's line up, but I recently purchased their 1TB bus powered passport drive. It came partitioned in some kind of way that part of it appeared as a CD-ROM even within Linux. No amount of fdisk or parted would free the thing up either. Eventually by way of Google, I was able to find a step by step on WD's website (that I couldn't find without the assistance of Google) that detailed how to get rid of this abomination.

Here's the best part of it. Windows or Mac is required. First I had to update the firmware on the drive, then I had to run some sort of utility to remove the software and partition. This isn't something you can do in a VM either since the drive disconnects and reconnects several times. I ended up having to use a Windows machine at work in order to do this.

Whoever at Western Digital though that this was a great idea and thought it was an even better idea to require Windows needs to be summarily executed.

Anyway, it's something to consider if you're looking at a WD drive.

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