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Zipit2 - come on guys!


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While most of us seem to be trying to figure out how to get the network interfaces up and running and how to press different keys than what to actually do with this thing - this person has managed to get a webserver running just fine on the first-gen Zipit. She's done it since 2005!!!! We are so far behind the curve it isn't funny!



Let me qualify the above statements by saying I'm VERY far behind as I don't even own one...... Still waiting for the openPandora myself.

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I'm thinking about making a new casing for the Z2. I want more of a Blackberry feel, I don't really care for the flip open screen. I'd like to make it as compact as possible while still maintaining all of the same internal hardware. If I did do this and posted the results would anyone be interested in buying a case?

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I think it fair to say RTFM is the best thing to say to Z2 modders. There are very good step by step guides to getting it to a point where you can install your own app's and make it more usable. Learn to cross compile is the most basic thing that makes any hand held Linux device worth while, then learning how to tweak the code to get it to run correctly is the second thing. Its really not hard, not one is saying write some new drivers or code from scratch.

Although looks like I may be able to buy a load of bricked Z2 soon, once people have fucked them up by not following basic steps.

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