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µTorrent problem


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Whenever I use µTorrent for downloading, the download will be going fine for a couple minutes, and then will just stop. If I start it again it will go for a bit, and then do the same thing. I've never had a problem with randomly quitting downloads in the official BitTorrent application, but I really like µTorrent because my downloads are faster and I can use it to organize my things and do more than one at a time: It makes my life easier.

Does anyone know what could be causing µTorrent to randomly abort downloads? Again, I've never had the problem with other clients.

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Make sure you're network is working correctly (Should be a green check-mark at the center-bottom of the window). Most problems with torrenting stem from being NATed. If this is it (there is a red or yellow sign at the bottom), make sure you have it set to keep on one port (check your setting so that randomization is un-checked - Preferences -> connection). Also, enabling UPnP port mapping will help as well (same preferences window). Lastly, port forward on your router.

If it's something else, make sure you have the latest version (I know the latest update of utorrent helped my torrents function a bit better -> 1.6 (build 474)). If you're up to date and the above is fine, then maybe a fresh-install of utorrent would work?

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Thats a bit of a cop-out Stingwray, my freeBSD desktop isn't the smoothest of P2P platforms either. Azurues has pretty much the same issue.

First of all, reset all the settings to default, check the local firewall settings, use a static local IP* and make sure the ports are correctly forwarded on your router and that utorrent is setup to use to correct port., don't use UPnP+ and lastly make sure its not just the torrents themselves that are fubar'd.

* - common sense

+ - its never worked right and is a sercurity risk in the long term. UPnP is not a solution IMHO.

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Ok, I did a lot of searching, and I found the problem (the uTorrent FAQ had my problem listed, but none of their solutions helped). The problem was that my file was "being accessed by another program", so I downloaded this program called Unlocker (http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/), and if you're getting this error message anywhere, you just right click on the file, go to "unlock" and a list will come up, so select "unlock all", and my uTorrent magically works. I have no idea what it actually did, but it's the only solution that worked.

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