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Beginning Java.


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thats how i learned. what better way than to "sit in" on an entire stanford java programming class

stanford engineering everywhere is stanford's way of spreading knowledge. they chose a few select classes and recorded every lecture(on video) and published all the assignments. one of which is that link. CS106A programming methodology. the class teaches good programming techniques and the java language. easy to understand. check it out

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I'm a Java programmer. I'd reccommend to get a book if you aren't learning it in a classrom environment. Look for a book called "Head First Java" - It's a really great text for introducing people to the language. It will teach you the fundementals of the language. Make sure to follow all the excercises as you need to challenge yourself after you have learned a new concept, so that you know how to implement it for future use.

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Books are very nice for learning to program, but if you want something more hands on try to create a very simple application. When you get stuck ask for google, and ask for help. Then you learn a little bit at a time.

When learning Java, and C# it is important to remember that the basics of Object Oriented programing, and working with strongly typed languages are more important than the syntax or libraries. Learn OO and the paradigm behind Java and C# will make a lot more sense. And the best way to do that is to find yourself a good beginners book.

I had an earlier edition of this book when I started java:


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