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Can't boot after CAMICIA (FON 2201)

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1) I had dd-wrt installed in FON2201, later decided to go for openwrt and jasager

2) I have installed openwrt, everything was fine, just the redboot was disabled after installing openwrt

3) I wanted redboot to be enabled, so I have installed CAMICIA and issued reboot, by:

mtd -e vmlinux.bin.l7 write openwrt-ar531x-2.4-vmlinux-CAMICIA.lzma vmlinux.bin.l7


After reboot when I do ping it starts ping just for about 2sec (I think redboot time, but I can't connect in that time) and later when openwrt should boot, it doesn't boot after that command. How could I re-enable redboot or how can I boot again to openwrt?

I have also tried "redboot.pl" script to connect to redboot from my mac, but max what I get is this:

--- is alive

-> == Executing boot script in 1.330 seconds - enter ^C to abort

<- ^C



Thank you for any suggestions.

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I don't know about the mtd method of flashing but if it comes up at for a short time then it implies redboot is still working and enabled. I've seen some Fons with the redboot timeout set at 2 seconds. If the script is waiting 1.3 seconds before acting then it might be acting too slow to hit within the window, try fiddling with the scrip to drop the time it waits before it does its job.

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