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Hostnames and VPNs

Brennan U.

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Hello all. I am new to the forums and have a question regarding a VPN. I am running a PPTP VPN server on my DDWRT router. I am connecting fine and all is well except for one problem. Occationally, if I try to access a network resource by the hostname (ex. \\desktop\Documents) I cannot access it. In addition I cannot ping the hostname. If I access the resource by the IP it works fine. I have also found that if place a period after the hostname (ex. \\desktop.\Documents) it works fine.

It seems strange as sometimes it works fine and sometimes I have to add a period. There doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reason. Does anyone have any suggestions, or possibly an explanation.



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Why do you expect it to work? ;)

But really, I wouldn't trust using hostnames on a network that doesn't have an actual DNS server. Admittedly the router will be running a DNS serve that attempts to keep track of hostnames, but it will be unreliable and can't know about any computers that has a static address. The other way that hostname lookup can work without a DNS server is NetBIOS, but that's even less reliable than a DNS server that gets all it's hostnames from the DHCP server. I wouldn't bother trying to use hostnames unless you explicitly need them, if you explicitly need them, you should look into setting up a proper DHCP and DNS server.

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