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:rolleyes: Hi there, I am new to Hak5 and would like to meet hacker like me that don't want to fuck things up in the computer world. I am not into that, so don't talk to me about that shit. I am working on going to school for programming and more.

the software I like to use is:



Visual Studio


The things that I would like to talk with someone about is PHP and Java.

IF you would like to talk about this thing, if so I would love it. :lol:

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If you develop a web site, how are you going to do basic vulnerability checks if you don't know how to brake (or, to use another word, hack) them? Been able to break software is the start of learning how to make software harder to brake.

More over, understanding how to make secure software implicitly teaches some one how to break it (amusing they fully understand the reasons behind the methods used to secure software rather than just doing it because the security person said to, which will likely lead to the software been just as vulnerable as before).

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I like the steamcommunity.com. Did you put the website togather? I do not have a website, but I have put a website togather for Intellispect. The online real estate inspection company in Arkansas. Not bad for a new B. Here is the link :D Intellispect.net

No, the steam community web site is part of Steam (a game distribution system).

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