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Everybody gear up for free day @ sparkfun.com!!!


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It was even talked about (very briefly) on Tekzilla. I will be sitting at the computer waiting for the clock to hit 08:00.

Damn.. And I was watching Tekzilla the other day (while I was cleaning :X)

Oh well... Looks like I am going to have to special order that breadboard (and I still have a $10 radioshack gift card!) Besides a few shift registers and the breadboard (Can't find it in store in ANY damn radioshack down here) that was all I really wanted.

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Woot! I got it! I just hope it didn't screw up and charge my paypal wrong. :|

*Edit* not sure if I got it yet, it took me to paypal, did all that clicked continue and now it's timing out.

*Edit* well they are at 100k, it was at 50k when I first got to the paypal page, I will try and finish the check out maybe it will still count. Beefed up servers my ass D:

*Edit* nope didn't get it, that was a hour of my life wasted D:

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I lost. Despite spending about 90 minutes refreshing, clicking, and trying from 3 diff point of presences. Most successful was my plain old office network - where I made it all the way through the order process and entered my CC info TWICE. and submitted my order twice. Timed out on that page.

SO no freebies for me.

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I ended up getting a FPGA kit and a ATMEGA128 board as well, some how I was able to get through, too the better part or 2 hrs (from getting stuff in my cart and logging in before hand). I did get my confirmation email...

Its interesting to see the write up on their site of how much they got hit.

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