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MY CHALLENGE TO HAK5 IS THIS!!!! who here knows how they can make my atat quickfire a wifi phone so i can txt everyone i know for free with a good ol hacking ^^ internet would be amazing to!!!! but mainly...all i ask is is it possible to make my atat quickfire txt for free ^^ if i can hack it to were i can txt anywere like a normal phone OMG MY DEBT TO YOU ALL WOULD BE ETERNAL!!!! anyways pls write back ty everyone ^^

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As far as I am able to tell there is no wifi adapter in the phone, so it won't be possible to connect it to a normal wireless network. It does have bluetooth (like most phones) so it may be possible to connect it to the internet via a computer which also has bluetooth (not very portable though).

Sending text messages for free thought is a bit tricky, you'll have to locate the addresses for each phone providers email to text gateway (if they have one) and use that. With this method you won't be using the phones text messaging software, you'd have to use an email client, and the people you message may not be able to simply hit 'reply' to your message either.

Mobile phone providers like to screw consumers as much as possible ultimately, I'd recommend you just don't use the phone at all. I'm sure you are already aware that if you are paying any thing for text messages you are been screwed.

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