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free software suggestions


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this is about the third time ive made this topic since i started watching the show (back at 2x08)

basically just post the free software you find useful. theres tons of open source and free programs out there for all platforms. just post something useful. weather its a web service, iphone app, droid app, or just a nice piece of software. share it with the community


this is a program i found while looking for a way to turn movies into a format for my ipod nano. its a free video conversion program that works beautifully. and something a lot of people here will love is that it has both a command line and a gui. one of my favorite things about it is the encoding que. i can load up a list of videos i want converted and then lock my laptop while i go off and do w/e and when i return all the videos are converted and ready to import into my itunes

Google Voice:

if youve been watching the show then you already know about it. if you dont know about it then go look at it right now. its a beautiful service. and having sms is great for me (for those that remember i used to send 8k txt messages a month XD )since i can reply with the browser and archive all txt and voicemail messages


i posted about this the other day hoping that someone knew of a replacement. after passing 35 views and no responses in 2 days ive given up on finding something better. this service will take a web page or txt file and format it to fit into an ipod nano's note system. basically it splits it into multiple files under 4k each. the problem (the only problem really) is that it doesnt maintain line breaks or any form of formatting in txt files. but its still a handy service

thats all ive got for right now

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