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Ok I know that I am a total Newbie when it comes to installing and using linux but I have finally gotten fed up with windows crashing and going so slow it reminds me of dial-up days.

I reformatted my hard drive and installed the new Umbuntu. I tried to play a dvd the other day and I keep getting an error with the Totem movie player. I have downloaded all the add-ins for totem and it is still not working. Do I need to reinstall some drivers for this (I know, I only worked with windows and still trying to learn linux)?

Also anyone know of any good training books for Linux so I am not a total newb?

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You're learning linux the same way most everyone else has-install it and use it.

One of the best ways of doing so is to install linux on an unused computer, if you don't like it or muck something up just reinstall or try a different distro.

Or if you have a fast computer you can try virtualbox or virualPC, then there's dual booting where you partition your hard drive and install linux onto an unused partition.

Since you dove in head first your best bet would be to fined yourself a local LUG linux user group. Lurk around for a few days before asking questions.

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So I should only use IE, Wordpad and Outlook Express? They are a web browser, word processor and email client, why would I ever need any thing else! ;)

There's a difference between using alternate software, and recommending alternate software instead of fixing the problem.

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It's been a while since I've had an Ubuntu install but I think when you install VLC from synaptic that libdvdcss gets pull in with it - which should allow you to play your DVDs. Probably some of the newer titles with more screwy copy protections won't be playable though.

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