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Augen e-Go Netbook


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Hello Everyone I received a Augen e-Go Netbook for Christmas (specs below) and I want to be able to install software/apps/tools on this thing running Windows Ce, any ideas of how to achieve this would be appreciated even it means installing Linux on it. <_<


CPU: Arm AK 7802Q216 248Mhz

7" High Res TFT LCD(digital/800x480)

64MB DDR main Memory Ram

2GB Nand flash on board

80keys Keyboard with touch pad

Built-in 10/100 Lan

Built-in Wifi (unknown chipset)

Windows CE 5.0

Rechargeable Li-ion batter (1500mAH)


1- USB 2.0 (aid external memory)

2- USB 1.1 ( keyboard & Mouse)

1- Headphone Output

1- Microphone input

1- Lan rj45

1- DC in9V

1- Battery

1- SD Card reader

Thanks for your time & any Help.

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You should be able to run any ARM Windows CE apps on that machine, though since finding CE apps is a lot more tricky than finding Windows Mobile apps, you could try this, which can apparently extract Windows Mobile apps from their CAB files, some of which may or may not run on Windows CE.

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I just got this for myself, and I definitely see that I have a major challenge for me. I got a couple of Windows CE 5 programs put together, and I find it extremely odd that many of them won't install. The only thing I got to work was a copy of pdosbox.

I was hoping to get a coleco emulator or a SNES emulator running on it, but it won't accept such installs. I think they have trimmed the native Win CE 5 package down more than usual, blocking installs to keep the memory profile small.

I tried getting Opera or Minimo installed, but it threw up strange errors "not a valid Windows CE installer" I think they commented out the ability to install programs.

I like the small computer, but the limitations look quite severe. I want a tabbed browser on there.

I'll try copying program files from my iPAQ 1910 using Total Commander's Zip Packing system (will not copy files in the normal way, due to copy protection).

I got it for developing cell phone programs, I've got a couple of software ideas that I want to flesh out with CodeWarrior Wireless Studio.

I was able to get a copy of pdosbox to run without installing, so it should work for anything that's made for Win CE 3. If that is the case, I'll install programs on my ipaq, and move them over.

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Update: I got programs to run!!!

You need to extract the files out of the cabs, and drop them into the right places... Tricky for some programs, but for most that are "flat installed" work fine.

Right now I am trying to find a browser that will work under Win CE 5 and does not require a touchscreen like Opera Mobile does.

I copied apps from my Ipaq, and they all work, except a few needing libraries that were dropped into Windows folders. I tried copying files from there, but ran into problems due to copy protection. Can't win them all.

To extract the CAB files on my PC, I use Legroom's Universal Extractor. Just make sure you get the ARM PPC versions, that work for Windows CE 5 or CE 3

Oh, by the way, I am using an Augen to type the reply- I set the user Agent as Win XP so I can see everything - the Pocket IE agent string calls up a hugely minimalistic webpage, I hate that. The keyboard is kinda small, too, I keep flubbing my typing on it...

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Update: I got it to CRASH!

Apparently installing the additional programs caused the memory buffer to shrink so small that it sometimes froze up. Which is why Augen says on their website: Sorry, the Netbook does not support installation.

They fixed the CE 5 system in "guest mode" to block installer cabs from running. They even had to trim down CE 5 just enough so that it would run and have a little room left for programs.

It's going back to the store. It was fun, but if I am relying on an old 466Mhz Pentium II more than this thing, it's definitely not worth it.

Major failing point: Blog websites. After loading 6 pictures, it does not load any more pictures or run any more javascripts as the memory gets filled up. I had to restart so often, it was much better for me to wait to go home and get connected there on the Pentium II. Facebook? Forget it.

As of now, it's not even starting up at all after installing the full Windows CE 5 package. It's going back. I hope the store doesn't destroy it, it needs to be sent back for refurbishing. It's good just for data processing, and to prevent a major computer loss like this: http://lilysussman.wordpress.com/2009/11/3...come-to-israel/

Final note: Since I am returning this, I just peeked inside a little without opening it up completely. I saw a few chips, an empty USB header, and the mainboard producer code - pzwy . That is listed as the "owner" in the CE5 installation, and there's a handful of other Windows CE 5 netbooks - they look similar, and are probably built with the same mainboard. By Augen's website, they say that there is amodel with Linux installed. It'll have to be "Damn Small Linux" because of the memory limits.

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Anybody HELP me please...I too got an Augen EGO Netbook (Windows CE 5) and I formatted the built in Flash drive...Now it is running only with OS and default programs. All other preinstalled applications that come along with it like tcpmp, core player, text maker are lost..Only invalid shorcuts are there in the desktop...How to get them back ? please kindly help me ...my email id is shejin983@yahoo.com...PLEASE..I CANT LET MY AUGEN DIE...HELP ME...

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