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Weird connection choke with Vmware workstation 7

Dj AviAtriX

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Hello , i have been experiencing the following problem for over a week now , and i can

t seem to find the solution :(

whenever i do a fast refresh of the page hosted on the cent os server in vmware workstation 7 it kinda chokes and i can't connect to the server on any port at all for 10-15 mins, but i can to connect to it using the local ip.

vmware is installed on windows 7 ultimate .

and my router is D-link Dir-100

the connection in vmware vm is set to bridget and to emulate real connection.

i hope that helps :S

Any idea how can i fix this ?

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So you have the following setup

Internet. <---> Router <---> PC / Host OS <---> VMWARE / Cent OS

Are you having issues with accessing the webpage / server locally as well as externally. E.g. via the net

If its just problems accessing the site from the internet then id say its your router. However if your having issues accessing the site / server locally as in the host os to vm then there is probably a misconfiguration in the server or the bridging of networks.

Have you checked the server logs?

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