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Just installed jasager > Win7 pc gets "sucked in" winXP does not...

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I found hak 5 a few days ago :D its amazing!

I just installed jasager on my FON

everythings works fine.

except That my eee PC with win xp is connecting to the normal wireless AP.

My Windows 7 PC is conecting to the "Fon".

Why isnt my XP?

Could that have to do with some internet security software? or cant those software do anything against it?

on the XP mashine is bitdefender installed... o_O

I´ve no idea...

sorry for my bad englsih im from germany :D

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Karma (the wifi mods that handle replies) will reply but when the client tries to connect it will try to negotiate encryption and we will say none. Depending on the client it may say ok and drop down to no encryption or it may stick to what it wants and then disconnect, the problem with this is that they usually then try to auto-reconnect so you get a lot of flapping in your logs.

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