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Darren is in the hospital


To send or Not to send  

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  1. 1. Given the fact that we now know where he is (minus room number), should we send some sort of care package to Darren while he is in the hospital? I leave it up to you. Good points from thsoe who said to give him his privacy (although he did tweet and podcast from the damn ER)

    • Yes? Show him the community is behind him.
    • No? Give the man his privacy.
    • Maybe send something to his house instead.
    • Bah Humbug! No soup for you!

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If you didn't already know: http://twitter.com/hak5darren

I'm not sure how long he'll be there(or how serious it is), but I thought it would be funny if we could figure out the location of which hospital and room he is in, then send in some sort of dancing telegram/clown to make him some balloon animals or something funny like that, courtesy of the hak5 community of course...




Update(s): Seems he is in VA and not Canada, based on his last comment about not being able to sleep in his own bed, I am assuming he is still in VA. He also let it slip he is on the 4th floor, so that at least narrows it down a bit. Being he will be there overnight, now we need to figure out what hospital, then just call and ask for him on the 4th floor, they should connect us to his room. If we can confirm his room number and hospital, we're golden....should send him stripper-gram...hmmm...evil plot thickens...

I beleive I have narrowed it down to the nearest hospital to his house(dont ask) but I have yet to call and ask for him. Anyone here have any good social engineering skills, want to call and see if they can locate him or his room?:


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damn.... Hope they find out what it is exactly. Dude, if I had any money right now (no I mean really. I don't have any atm.. damn commercialized christmas) I would totally send him something, given we find his location. If he is still in after Friday, I will.

Here's an Idea....

Once we find the hospital, let's start searching for fax lines. Once we find one, let's collab. on making him a bad ass get well card, and we could pass it around digitally to sign it (though I suck at sig w/mouse). I'm sure reg. fonts would do. And then we could send it a couple of times to make sure they get it to him :)

For the fax:

Send cover letter in the idea of: Urgent information for room x, c/o hak5 crew (or maybe it would be better to just give a phone number?) to: Darren Kitchen.

Either that or we could just send it to Snubs.

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Yeah we gotta do somthing to cheer him up. I bet if he is runing that pinapple we hear some interesting things from what he found.

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He said he's still in VA, and he said on episode 618 that he's flying on the 25th. Snubs appears to have left VA:

Was freaking out over my flight. $150 later and I'm flying to stl instead of a layover in Chicago. Yatta!

I thought she was flying on the 24th?

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Didnt they put up a Google Map of where the Hak5 House was? Common sense says find that and search nearest hospital. Pose as a relative when calling the hospital and ask for the room and bing bang boom we got him =)

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I know i'm going to sound like a stick in the mud....

Let this forum be the record of our well wishes and symphathy for Darren.. and maybe give the guy some privacy.

I'm sure his closest mates will be there for the guy whilst he's in hospital.

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Ok, so some good points made on the privacy issue. I can see it from both sides of the fence, but I see no harm, no foul in at least sending some cards or small care packages just to show some holiday cheer...I leave it up to all of you. For all we know, he could be well on his way home at this point.

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I'm with the text him and ask does he want his privacy. If he is fine with us asking after him then indeed perhaps get him a get well soon gift.

Though from his twitter he says he doesn't feel alone with all the well wishes on the net.

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Hope he gets back to his usual hyper self soon.

From what I have read on twitter he can just about deal with social networking sites, so sending him things/clowns is probably better for when he is discharged and back home (and capable of staying awake after making a tweet).

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