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problems with 7.3


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i have a problem.

i have the latest firefox , flash 8, pandorajar 7.3 (and also tried replacing with jar of 7.2)

the problem is that the mp3 files are not saved.

i tried to use the defualt option (mp3 sub dir of pandora) and also tried to change the properties file (uncommented the relevant row)

cruise control is on.

the weird thing is that files are created by pandora sometime in the tempdir in the name of plugtmp-%, and sometimes inside the plugtmp subdir of the %temp% dir in weird names like: 5813319528624005116

during the same sesion. nothing is consistent here.

also when i check the log file is see the processing the mp3 files in the temp dir occurs only when i press on "grab this track" (and it's stuck on "Fetching ID3 information and tagging MP3 for artist...") even when the cruise control is on. but still all it does is igonre the mp3 files (it scans all files in temp and plugtmp dir) or the most it does is the finally find some file which is "ok" but it copies it to the temp dir in the name "temp" (in 7.3 jar) and to "pandorasJarTmpFile.mp3" (in 7.2 jar)

i think i worked only once and when i checked the log why only this time i saw that it succeseded to get the info from lastfm (or cddb i dont know)

only then the mp3 folder got created and the mp3 inside of it.

another thing:

most of the time the bio and stats from lastfm doesnt show anything.

once in a while it shows something.

also when using the 7.2 jar in 7.3 version u can see at the bottom "unsupported action: version"

i tried 7.3 (with 7.3 jar) at home on XP Machine, and everything works fine

the problem is only at work on win2000 SP4

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