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Ubuntu remix

Tim Marshall

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Do know what cpu it is? If it's winCE it may not be an x86 processor.

System Info for the Disgo Net Browser 3000:

* Processor: ARM AK7802Q216 248MHz

* Display: 7" High resolution TFT (800 x 480 pixels)

* Internal Memory: DDR 64MB / 2GB Nand-flash

* External Memory: SD card , U-Disk , USB-HDD

* Connectivity: WIFI RIEEE 802.11 b/g, Ethernet RJ-45

* Connections:

* USB 2.0 x 1 (supports external memory)

* USB 1.1 x 2 (supports keyboard & mouse only)

* SD / MMC card slot (up to 8GB)

* Microphone jack x 1

* Earphone jack x 1

* DC jack x 1

* Speakers: Built in 2 x 0.5W

* Keypad: QWERTY 86 keys

* Mouse Pad: 2.2" mouse pad

* Battery :

* 7.4 V 1800Mha built in Lithium battery

* Battery life 4 hrs

* Adapter: 110~240V input , 9V 2A output

* Operating system: Win CE 5.0 professional plus version

* Software:

* Word Viewer

* Excel Viewer

* Mail Box

* Powerpoint Viewer

* PDF Viewer

* Imager Viewer

* Microsoft Wordpad (Not full version)

* Microsoft SpreadExcel (Not full version)

* Prepared Connection software


* Brower: Internet Explorer (Does not support Flash)

* Media player: Windows Media Player

* Supported audio format: MP3

* Supported video format: MPEG2, AVI, 3GP, MP4 format

* Supported image format: JPEG

* Built in Games: Playcard

Please note: The Net Browser cannot be used for Online Gaming or otherwise. The Net Browser will not be able to display Flash-based websites. Not suitable for corporate email access. Not suitable for use with broadband dongles

information found at play.com "no affiliation"

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https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM might be of some use, but I should mention that it's probably very unlikely that you'll find a precompiled distro for that device. You may be able to compile it yourself but it's not a task to be taken lightly, and if you haven't the first clue about compiling your own distro then I'd recommend giving up now.
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Hi all i was just wondering if you could put ubuntu netbook remix on a disgo net browser 3000 as i have just recently brought one and if not could someone find a way how to :( . I carnt stand using windows ce help me!!! plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

came across this website>> http://christophergower.wordpress.com/2009...ows-ce-netbook/ << when i did a quick search in google for "distro net browser 3000 ubuntu".... didn't read through it because im doing research for myself.. hope it helps

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