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Dell Mini 10


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I have a Dell mini 10 and trying figure out how much memory it can take if at all

The Dell documentation claims it has a memory module on the bottom side of the mobo.

Dell support

I removed the key board and it looks like my mobo matches the one in the docs.

But I've found other info about earlier mini's claiming the mini 10 had soldered on memory and the 10v had removable memory.

Should I just dive in and see what I find?

After some more googling I found a video on youtube on what to do, but it was a mini 10v which looks just like my mini 10.

memory upgrade

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The Mini 10 and 10v are NOT the same. The Mini 10 does indeed have soldered on RAM that can't be upgraded. AFAIK, Dell isn't offering the 2 GB daughterboard for sale yet.

The Mini 10v can be upgraded, and it does require the removal of the motherboard. It's not terribly difficult if you have patience. It can take 2 GB, as I have it in mine. It shipped with 1 GB of PC6400, so I stuck with that when I upgraded to 2 GB.

The big thing is differentiating whether or not it's a 10 vs 10v. Easiest way? Do you have a VGA connection? If so, you have a 10v.

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Going slightly OT: My only gripe with the Mini 9 was the damn keyboard. I loved mine, but the keys were too small for my talons. If they would have made the keyboard go from edge-to-edge, it probably would have been a lot more bearable.

Agreed. But for the price ($200 before shipping) I can't complain...

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the REAL problem with the mini 9 is the damn SSD, you cant even put a REAL hard drive in it and it can only handle certain SSDs.....now that stinks....I would rather have my Mini 10 with 1gb and a 640gb HDD (a real hard drive) than the 2gb and 4gb of disk space, I am sure at some point Dell will sell the 2gb daughter board for the Mini 10

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