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Dynamic IP with apache


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To allow people to access from the internet you need to forward the ports on your router to the internal IP of the server for the services that you are running.

Then you need a domain name, so people don't have to remember IP addresses. As you say you have a dynamic IP then you will need something called a Dynamic DNS, this you can get for free from one of the providers that moonlit has provided. You install their software and it will make sure that the domain that you get from them always goes to your current IP.

You can then buy a domain yourself and forward that domain to the domain you get from your Dynamic DNS provider, so you can have something like xyz.com rather than xyz.no-ip.com.

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My guess is that MySQL by default doesn't listen on a port (instead using a filesystem socket) and whatever you're using doesn't know how to deal with that. How to fix that? Um... Read some docs. This isn't something you should be doing without thinking it through. You should *NOT* have a database listening on a port that can be directly accessed from the internet. Try to use a separate machine, but if you can't at least firewall the bejeezus out of it.

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