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How can I setup DSL (Linux) to startup Firefox upon boot?

Micah C

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Recently I installed DSL Linux on my flash drive. It booted fine and the apps work great. I am trying to figure out how I can start up firefox in full screen when DSL boots. I would like to be able to only start up firefox. Does anybody have any advice?


Im new to the linux world, sorry.


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I believe you put an entry to FF in the .bash_profile file, which is in your home directory for each users startup files. Files beginning with a period are hidden, so you will have to do a "ls -a" to see it in a terminal window, then you can edit it with nano or whatever DSL comes with.

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Ya, I would do it the same way digip is saying.

So for instance you would add a new line, something like this (below are two different options. Try both, just not at the same time):

firefox -height 600 -width 800

./directory_to_firefox/firefox -height 600 -width 800

I didn't try it myself but it should work fine.


Don't forget to change the height and width to your screen dimensions.

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