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guys ur review over dell

Yatin Dabhi

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i got a dell XPS 410 like 3years ago and the support was good because i kept getting a BSOD on my front usb and they linked me right to the driver and support itself whether email, chat, or phone has been great. it was 1300 screen included and ive upgraded it, good prices for a non custom machine too

if you can afford it i would suggest an XPS

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If you are running vmware on a laptop, get something with as much ram, regardless of model. If you short change yourself now, you will be kicking yourself later for a better machine. Also make sure you go 64 bit so you can max out your ram. Most newer high performance laptops these days can go up to 6, even 8gig of ram.

If you have the money, I would go with something like this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/HP+-+Pavilion+...p;skuId=9601326 and upgrade from home to profesional.

Laptops arent like desktops, you arent goign to be upgrading major parts or customizing it to great extent. You will live with what you purchase for the most part, make it a good one.

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what if I had to pick 1 dell or HCL

HCL ME B3861 or Dell Inspiron 14 (S541003IN8)

In HCL I am getting

Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6600 2.2 GHz

HDD : 500 GB - SATA

RAM : 4 GB - DDR2 667 MHz

OS : Free DOS

Warranty : 1 Year

same rates . .

guys as I mentioned above It should be good for networking . .I need a tough machine . .

please write down your views . .thank you!

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I don't know HCL (they seem to be Indian), but I don't really know what you mean by good for networking, the included wireless cards are always shit in laptops, if you want anything snazzy you have to get it after market.

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