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Wireless priority


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Hey guys!

Im living in a shared house and we wanted to set the wireless priority so the users with exams/essays to write get most priority of the wireless(or if not, by cable). I was wondering if there was anyway of setting this, and anyway without having to install it on all the computers as a few of the people are being abit uncoporative about it.



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Your router would ahve to have the capability to do traffic shaping or QOS per port, or if you had a switch, you could force certain ports to 10mbit speeds with others full duplex 100, then they wouldnt be able to connect unless they set their cards to use 10mbit only on certain ports.



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First check if your router supports Quality of Service (QoS). If it does look at the settings. You should see options based on physical port and most likely MAC. Your best bet is to base it on MAC. Note that if a user uses both wifi and occasionally uses Ethernet you will have to configure the settings for this as well.

Try DD-WRT, or tomato http://www.polarcloud.com/tomato

Good luck!

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