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DD-WRT or Not?


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Howdy all Hak5-bians,

I need some help in making a decision when it comes to a Gateway Solution.

Now problem. My main requirement for this solution is that a have the Feature of Limiting Bandwidth of a user by traffic quota.

Example: gets 1000mb a day then is blocked for remaining hours of that day(all ports except necessary services ports). gets Unlimited.

Now i have looked into flashing various routers. But with out purchasing a Linksys(etc) and giving it a try i have no idea what it will be capable of. I do believe that there is an add-on that supports sending and email to Admin(etc) when a user has exceeded there traffic quota but that doesn't seem fit the bill has manual intervention is required to block the offending user.

So what if any? Routers are available for say under AMERICAN$ 300.00 that can perform this function. Now i now i can use a fairly standard router with rules to block all annoying ports and only allow http blah. and then proxy the http traffic etc. But been there tried that...

Major RANT...

OK you get the picture....

So what i need is a "Quite" but useful box. (PREF. a router based solution Modded or not don't care).

OK so i have tried most of the open source and some of the "other" commercial solutions out there like ebox(Love that but lacks the feature i need), ipcop, endian, pf sense, Ipconfig, Clarkconect, smooth wall(Not the latest build but if someone knows of a add in or script that I could use let me know).

All of these are great but somehow lack a feature sets between them all(say reporting, live mrtgs etc, bitlord client..)

So I am stuck with these option:

1. A router and flash it with something(dd-wrt, tomato etc) that only has 4 ports and is not Gigabit. Limited feature sets. Can't store log files (unless syslog server or more expense router with nas type features the save to sd(not sure if that possible i would guess)

2. Build a more powerful box and put some kind of pre - made solution - ISA 2006(Argh no). Iam sideing on the IPcop front with various addins. But would like to have the feature set of ebox. (Web Mail Etc). Or Maybe a blown server OS with addons etc).

Some help Required? My head hurts trying to come up with something that fairly bullet proof....


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