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whats all included in the jasger firmware

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I did the install with the new firm ware,changed the root password,got webif up and running,installed opkg install haserl_0.9.24-1_mips.ipk

opkg install webif_0.3-4709_mips.ipk

opkg install webif-theme-xwrt_0.3-4709_all.ipk

and turned on wireless, using the install from this link. http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=14973.

i did not do step 5 because I was not going to connect the fon directly to a router i was going to try ICS. but i was testing Jasger with another laptop but it would not connect, do I still need to install more or do I have to get ICS up before anything will even connect to the fon.

I can see OpenWrt in the network connections is this suppose to happen?

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If you have karma enabled then it will respond to any any probes that it hears so have your laptop try to connect to a random essid and seee if you get a connection.

You don't need ICS for a basic wireless connection.

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The madwifi drivers are the major component of the firmware. With the firmware you should be able to just turn on karma and attract clients.

There is no dhcp/dns server and no ICS. As there are various ways to implement them I've left it up to you to choose how you want to do it.

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