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n00bRAT -[Linux Remote Admin Tool]-


If any suggestion, post here  

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  1. 1. It got detected by your Firewall/IDS or not

    • Yes
    • No
    • Gonna Check

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URL :: http://sourceforge.net/projects/n00brat/

An undetectable Remote Administration Tool -OR- trojan, an all new approach. Easily usable, Client just requires any Web Browser to control remote machine via WebPage. Fooling firewalls/ids/ips security solutions, as it operates like any web-site.


  • Remote Administration Tool for Linux/Unix (POSIX Based Machines)
  • Can use it like a Trojan to test your Firewall / IDS / IPS

A Demo Video of

Why This?

What Code Is?

How it Works?

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Are we lab rats :rolleyes: i hope no one downloads the above and installs a rat on there box :angry:

i think u misunderstood the post

it is not to install it on your machine and other to test or control

its for you to just check whether your Security Solution could identify something of this sort or not

'coz it don't get installed on your machine hidden by itself till you explicitly do that (its open-source check it)

and you could use it to Control your Linux based LAN from just from one machine

could change commands in code to your wished commands

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In a virtual machine sure ^_^ it"s just hard to trust alot of things online sometimes.

A quick glance at the source will show you exactly what it does, it's a very short piece of code. It does nothing other than act as a RAT.

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