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LM Hashes torrent


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Ok so i finished downloading and am having some issues.... when i run the following command i get an error


rcrack *.rt -h 5d41402abc4b2a76b9719d911017c592 (which is provided as an example)


charset all is not defined in charset.txt

so i added the following line:

all = [ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789!@#$%^&*()-_+=~`[]{}|\:;"'<>,.?/]

Then when running the command again i get this error

lm_all#1-7_0_9000x40000000_#13.rt verify fail

I also get that error on:



I have verified that the MD5 Hash match. Anyone have these files that work? Can i get a copy?

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I had a little trouble with them a while back using rcrack so I used cain and abel, imported the tables and it worked.

Try sorting the tables maybe.

I tried that with my original set and it didnt work. I had like 6 fail at the verify stage last time. I'm currently regenerating the tables but if someone had them that they could send that would help out a lot.

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