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Can't SSH to Ubuntu 9.10 VM


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Ok so here's the problem i have a vm all set up to use ssh. The VM is Ubuntu 9.10 and the host is windows 7 enterprise. I am able to ssh into the VM from the host machine but not from another computer. The vm's network is bridged and i have the firewall turned off also i enabled SSH on the host machine. I'm using putty to connect on both the host and the outside computer but it only connects on the host. Any help guys?

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If your network is on a router, port forward port 22 on the router to the hosts IP address. Also open port 22 on the hosts firewall, even if its disabled on the vm's..

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ok i have all firewalls disabled I have the server setup on port 1337 and i am using the vm's ip haha im not that n00b guys :P. i have port 22 and 1337 forward to my wireless router. Its no big deal its only a torrent server im connecting from ssh to use rtorrent and some other programs. I just want a simple vm to do it instead of having a server set up for something so simple. Anyway all that is setup i have no clue whats going on i googled for a whole day and trying everything i found and still nothing.

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