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Advise needed ?


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Hi Guys

Can anyone advise me, if what im going to do is possible ? simulating what darren did in episode 412

Step 1

I get myself a wireless router and i turn off the dhcp while ssid still being broadcast

Step 2

from the router i plug a ethernet cable to my pc and make sure pc my is dhcp server (tftp32)

Step 3

Once i have nmap and i ICS my Mobile brodband with lan interface all the clients packet can go through me and to the internet while i sit in the middle fired up netwitness or wireshark sniffing all the traffic


Can i do MITM attack based on this solution . My question here will router know how to route all the packets to me or am i missing an important step ? :blink:

Advise needed !! thanks

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You could do use your Wlan Router as kinda "Bridge".

You should have your Wlan Router DHCP turned on, plug the Lan Cable from your PC to the Wan Port, set your PC to ICS and dhcp and Supply the correct Adress to your Router (or set your Routers Wan Port to static adress,, the gateway to and the dns to some you find on the net which should work).

that would work. but you just need to fiddle out the settings yourself.

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Ofc, disadvantage to Jasager is the fact that people need to connect to your router where Jasager connects via any network probe. Other than that should work just fine.

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