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Darren Mentioned on Discovery News


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Wow... just great. and now, that just gives more trollers and crackers more of a reason to harass darren, take down this site (as has been done..recently), snoop for our data and cause a big fuck-cake. Look at the list man! Kevin Mitnick sucks dick! He doesn't even know how to hack his own shit much less not get brutally screwed by some serious folks. All he is, is a name, and get's hacked ALL THE TIME! Furthermore, when I was at phreaknic, on one of the talks, some folks busted one of his servers wide open, and then gave him a call, and you know what he told them? 'call technical support about it'. That was it. He didn't want any part of it. Want this guy protecting your site? Not on my dime. I wouldn't let Kevin set up my wifi security at home, much less anything worth money.

But to put it frankly, serious hardcore, white hating, crackers don't like hackers that get syndicated in any way. Especially not white hats. So this just pretty much puts a big red dot on everyone on the list. Better put on that very unreliable password here that doesn't link to anything else people can find on the i-nets, because kids, I feel some scary dudes trolling these forums and breaking around here pretty soon. (no I don't want any part of it)

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i'm sure if Darren didn't want to do the (Discovery) interview and in turn make it to their list, he would have politely declined the offer....seeing he didn't, i don't think your rant about Discovery bringing undue focus on this website holds any water.

Darren's a pretty smart fella and i'm sure he would have carefully weighed the opportunity of some free exposure for Hak5 up with the chance of attracting some attention from some of the less scrupulous community members.

As for Kevin, he's a business professional without the time or inclination to get involved with the everyday handling of his own servers.

I'd be surprised if there still weren't some kind legalities regarding certain restrictions on what he can and can't do on a computer even when his own business is concerned.

the guy did hard time for crimes that really didn't deserve that kind of punishment/attention/paranoia....maybe take a look at it this way...why the hell was Hak5 exploited with experienced Hacker Admins like Darren and Matt running the show?? ...shit happens no matter who or how "famous" you are. only difference being Kevin employs other people to handle that shit....Darren and Matt are kinda directly responsible.

most good hackers know when to keep their mouths shut and not flap their jaws for the sake of boosting their own notoriety or ego.

maybe you should kinda read into that a little more, coz you sound like a 6 year old having a hissy fit.


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While I will admit, my post was pretty crappy and un-needed. There are some truths on it though. I am not 100% sure that Discovery's web journalist decided to give Darren a head's up when he wrote that. Not that it is untrue. Matter of fact, it is great to see Darren get the cred that he deserves from a more generalized source, but it's the fact of the way that it's worded. Maybe I am just still a bit paranoid after going to Phreaknic... There are so many things that can be used against a person, and truthfully, with so many crazy bastards out there all you have to do is be in the wrong place at the wrong time and your a target. Just like ZFO and their shenanigans, but the thing was, they didn't even have a real reason to hack this site except to just look cool for their own amusement.

Maybe I just need to take a chill pill on all that. I do apologize. I wish folks on here could see who I am in real life cause I have no idea why but when it comes to this forum, it's like my keyboard is a toilet bowl, and the 'Add Reply' button is the handle. I am nothing like this in real life tbh. I guess though that this place has became like a part of me. And I really care about it.. Kinda weird I know but it's true. So I guess I am also a little obsessive with it and maybe a little bit too open about speaking my mind and not thinking twice. At the same time I have to admit, I have not really contributed anything lately either on most things, and yet in spite of this, you folks still comment well on something I say when I do have something of value to contribute, so thank you for your tolerance... Especially to VaKo, cause if I were you I would have canned my acct. long ago for drunken blah threads and pointless pot stirring posts.

So cheers to Darren because hopefully he can clear up the skepticism of being a "Hacker" and have people accept us as who we really are which I have been working on the true definition of what being a hacker really is.

Hacker -n: A person with ability and strive to learn from indirect principles to reverse engineer a given piece of pre-manufactured matter*, of which can be anything from anywhere to be incorporated for the purposes of the set objective in the hacker's vision. (*matter can be anything imaginable in the mind of the hacker, thereby being anything from the stars to air to dirt. ex. The first reliable directional system was made in the theory of tracking stars by explorers, whereby the stars were not meant to be used as a directional system, but were reliable enough of their placement from night to night in space to be seen and used to reliably tell which way is North so that the theory of east being to the right of north, south being directly adverse of north and west being directly left of north had been created for these purposes.)

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We always do, especially thanks to the admin/moderation team. once in a while Darren and/or Matt actually make it happen... the rest of the time it is thankless hours from the others who care, like VaKo, Moonlit, many others.

So even with my many rants THANK YOU ALL.

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