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Just installed Jasager

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Switch from dd wrt to open wrt and installed Jasager now my question is that it broadcast an ssid of

Open Wrt and when karma is on it broadcast linksys2, now i was woundering can i turn those ssid off

or do they need to be broadcasting?

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thanks for the reply another question i had is, is there a tut on using hapster and ferret on the fon with xp, i have it up and running but how to i tie it into the fon router

this is an image and all the traffic i can pick up is on my computer

i have tryed switching the card it been reading from but only the computer i am on i also tryed using a linksys wireless adaptor too.


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Everything is copyrighted 2007 Errata Security.

Read the enclosed Word document for more help.


1. Download and install Winpcap.

2. Unzip the tools into a directory such as C:\sidejacking

3. Open a command-line (cmd.exe) and change to that directory (cd c:\sidejacking)

4. Use ‘ferret –W’ to figure out which interface you want to sniff

5. Use ‘ferret –i <n>’ to start sniffing cookies

6. Use ‘hamster’ (no command-line options) in the same directory as hamster.txt to start the proxy

7. Set up a browser to use the proxy at

8. In that browser, go to http://hamster to go to the proxy console window.

9. Select a victim, then click on a URL to sidejack it.

that the short version i'm looking for the full version lost the link

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Alright, I may be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure you just use whichever network device connects to the jasager for ferret. Like, if you are connected wirelessly to your jasager, use your wireless card, etc.

thanks ill give that a try

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