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Backtrack 4 VMware Problem


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oh... my bad. um.... do this: (I hate setting up wifi/internet in backtrack)

iwconfig -A

see if it shows your wifi *may be shown as ath0*

If it shows it do this:

sudo dhcpd3 wlan0 start *or replace wlan0 with whatever your wifi card is*

it may also be necessary to do this:

sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

if your using backtrack 4, then dhcpd3 is not the right command. Just type dhcp<tab> and see what it gives you and it's something close to it I believe. Havent really messed with it in awhile, but wicd sucks sometimes at seeing my wifi card.

hope this helps, and sry bout the last post. I need to start being more helpful, just didnt know if you were a bot.

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