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Reviving Hackits.de


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Hello, to all of you in the community.

Me as well as a couple other old hackits.de users are attempting to revive hackits since it disbanded in somewhere in 2008. I was hoping that we could get some users from here to build a bit more content as we still haven't gotten the database backups from the old administrators (who don't seem to be bringing it back up). We just started a forum and will probably make challenges in the, hopefully near, future. We need to build a user base back up and we'd love help with the community to do so by joining and helping the content of the current forum.

More information here: http://hackits.zapto.org/forums/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=9

The site is just getting started so configuration changes will be going on in the next week or so so bare with us.



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