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Forensics: USB


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Jul 4 2006, 01:23 PM

You can scan the registry.

All devices connected once should have an entry.

They should be in:


but check also in



Mass storage devices will have additional entries in


jaclaz - http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/inde...gen/t77698.html

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random psycho babble

* not sure but something about flash media over say 8gigs is 'different' maybe <8 is flash and >8 is 'removal disk' I just have had issues with boot/etc with larger flash drives

* as far as USB forensics for windows I use HandyRecovery.exe GetDataBack for NTFS portable.exe GetDataBack for FAT portable.exe (PhotoRec - CGSecurity)

* also look into dd_rhelp but normally flash works or does not so its more a matter of what tools to aim at it then reading from it with IDE/SATA you can buy PCI cards that can read at a lower level

* for more info pop it in a *nix box and google the device is picksup

to answer your Q: lookinto WMI you can monitor and query event logs etc anything ... you could


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